University of York

Gavin Thomas – Professor of Microbiology

Gavin is a microbiologist based at the University of York since 2002 and has worked for over a decade on bacterial transport systems. His research, primarily funded by the BBSRC, has revealed fundamental information about an important class of bacterial transporters called TRAP transporters, particular in the context of their function in human pathogens, but more recently for biotechnology and bioenergy through work with Green Biologics and Unilever. He brings his extensive knowledge of bacterial physiology, metabolic modelling and membrane transporters to the TOPCAPI Project. Personal profile.



Michelle Ruddin – Post Doctoral Researcher

Michelle is a post-doctoral researcher with extensive experience in molecular microbiology. She received her PhD in molecular microbiology from Ulster University under the supervision of Prof Ibrahim Banat. Michelle’s PhD research focused on the characterisation of biosynthetic gene clusters for biosurfactant production in both Gram-negative and yeast organisms. Currently, Michelle is a PDRA in Prof Gavin Thomas’ group. Prior to joining the TOPCAPI project, Michelle’s research focused on the structural and biochemical characterisation of thioalcohol production by commensal axillary bacteria. This work was in collaboration with Unilever. Michelle looks forward to applying her molecular and structural biology skills to the TOPCAPI project.



Former members

Prof Maggie Smith Emmanuele Severi

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 720793